The Truth & Freedom Monument
Vaccine experiences and thoughts about truth and freedom.
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The Truth & Freedom Monument located at the Mercola Market in Cape Coral, Florida was created by NVIC and co-sponsored by Dr. Joseph Mercola. It was dedicated on March 25, 2023 to celebrate the four decades that NVIC has been working to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths and through public education, to protect the ethical principle of informed consent to medical risk-taking, and to defend freedom of thought, speech and conscience. The centerpiece of the monument is a silvered bronze angel holding a child in one arm and the light of truth in the other.

If you visit the physical monument in Cape Coral, please consider taking a photo in front of the angel and sharing your experience with us on our website. Click on the button above to learn more about posting your experience on our virtual Truth & Freedom Monument. You may also share your experience here even if you are unable to physically visit the memorial in Flordia.

Kathi & Theresa
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