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Vaccines can sometimes cause injury and death and these risks can be greater for some than others. Since 1982, the NVIC has operated a Vaccine Reaction Registry, which has served as a watchdog on reports submitted to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). NVIC's Vaccine Reaction Wall is provided for the public to share their vaccine adverse event experiences and are displayed chronologically. Click to view stories about vaccine harassment and vaccine failures.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for options on reporting vaccine harassment, failures and reactions. When you submit your stories to NVIC your identity will be kept confidential.

  • Posted: Aug. 4, 2023
    I was forced to get this to enter nursing program. 5 months prior I had labs completed my entire life my thyroid was normal. Several weeks after Hep B was given I developed a goiter and my TSH level was off the charts. I was told I had hoshimotos and I needed to take levothyroxine for rest of my life. I researched this, changed my diet took supplements supporting immunity, like iron, iodine, etc. completed several detoxes. Each time I took labs over the next 3 yrs my TSH levels had improved. I did take the levothyroxine for several years never noticing a difference in signs or symptoms anyways. 5 years later I am testing normal for thyroid and do not have a goiter. I have prayed serveral times for healing ❤️‍🩹. But, I believe I was injured by the vaccine and through prayer and my body repairing itself I have healed. I am now wanting to continue my education and I’m being told I have to get regular flu shots and another hep B. I’m hoping to find a declination form for resist these shots! Please help. I have been in the health field in CA and have been able to continue working without getting covid shots and flu shots and a 3 rd hep B shot until now. I encourage others in the health field however, to go for what you want and decline the injections it’s possible to still work in the field.
  • Posted: Aug. 2, 2023
    Within 3 months after second Covid 19 vaccine I got herpes and have never recovered, to this day 08/02/2023 I still have an active case of herpes.
  • Posted: Jul. 13, 2023
    I received my Shingrix vaccine on Tuesday, May 23 and on Saturday 27th, I was sitting on sofa and my heart started racing. I checked my pulse with an oximeter, it was reading between 147and 174 for over an hour. I went to the ER…was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia. I saw a cardiologist, normal EKG and echocardiogram, I am wearing a heart monitor now and no episodes since that day. My doctor has recommended that I not get the second shot.
  • Posted: Jun. 28, 2023
    My son received the MMR, HEPa, and varicella (against my wishes) all at once 10/1/2020 at 1 year old. 15 or 16 days later his entire body was covered in a rash with like blood vessel outlines all over his body. I immediately called the Ped to report a reaction because it looked like all the pics online of an MMR reaction. The Ped told me it couldn’t be because it was outside the 14 days from getting the shot. He slept way more than usual for many weeks and didn’t walk until 20 months or talk until age 3. I don’t know if it was a catalyst but he made noises and sounds pre vax and didn’t anymore after until he began speech therapy at 2.75 years old.

Vaccine Reporting Systems - You Have Options!

Learn about the different reporting options NVIC has created for you to post your personal experiences with vaccination and publicly share your concerns with others. Choose one or more options below to share your experience. If you have experienced a vaccine reaction, we encourage you to use the button below to report it to NVIC, and also encourage you to report your reaction to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to assist in identifying vaccine safety signals. Click to learn more about VAERS and how to search the VAERS database using Medalerts for reported vaccine reactions.
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