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Welcome to NVIC's Cry For Vaccine Freedom Wall. Many familes and professionals have experienced vaccine harassment and coercion and have had to make hard decisions about employment. When kicked out of a medical practice for not vaccinating, many must seek out health care providers upholding the informed consent ethic. NVIC provides this sapce for the public to share their stories and they appear chronologically. Click to view stories about vaccine reactions and vaccine failures.

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  • Posted: Jun. 29, 2023
    I'm a divorced parent. Initially my ex refused vaccines for our son. California passed a school vaccine mandate in 2015. Then my ex did a 180 and sued me to force our son to receive vaccines. I filed an ex parte motion to stop her but was denied. As a result my son was one of the first children forcefully injected in California. In 2021 my ex again tried to force my son to receive COVID-19 vaccines which I knew don't work. She badgered and bullied him until he relented. My son had an adverse event and collapsed on the floor of the local pharmacy who administered his second shot. Thankfully he recovered without permanent damage, but the reaction was never reported to VAERS or even his physician. Our daughter was also bullied into taking a total of 4 COVID-19 vaccines which did nothing to stop her from getting infected. She had several high fevers from the shots which kept getting worse every time she got another injection. Since we live in a "libtard" area no one thought anything of this idiocy. I'm the only family member who refused C19 shots, I had mild cases of C19 and recovered quickly. I was relentlessly harassed about my vaccine status to the point where I lost my job, couldn't go into local businesses, almost lost custody of my kids, and was ostracized by panicked friends and family members. I will NEVER take ANY "quaccines" and I have a few close friends who have also chosen to die on this hill. Pfizer and Pfauci can burn in hell!
  • Posted: Jun. 29, 2023
    We have 4 children. The first son received all vaccines. He was given the heb vaccine twice in the first few days after birth due to medical error. He had failure to thrive and did not grow any between 12 months to 24. He was treated at Boston Children's for allergies to milk and wheat. At age 6 he developed complex tic disorder. At age 18 he was found to have celiac disease. I do not know if anything was vaccine related. At my second son's 18 month check-up, I told the nurse that I did not want my son to receive The MMR. She insisted that it was a legal requirement and bullied me into signing and accepting the vaccine. Afterwards, my son stopped eating meat or dairy until he was 6 years old. The doctor kept saying that he would not starve himself, but he was. We'd say eat your food, but he would refuse and go for 36 hours or so and throw up bile. He also stopped talking until he was 4. He was sensitive to music, sounds and clothing tags. I told the doctor that it was only after the shot and asked if we should report it, but he said no. My son began flapping the autistic flap. He often ran into walls and even lampposts. He could not learn to read until at 7 he went to a lab school. There he benefitted from body training in addition to specialized teachers. Now at age 18, he is smart and in college as a senior in high school, but he knows that he does not understand other people and suffers ALOT from this disability. Afterwards, I did not want to vaccinate the next child our daughter. My husband insisted that she get the tetanus shot. Immediately, she developed tremors. She still has them at age 15. Both she and our last son were kicked out if the doctor's office for refusing to vaccinate.
  • Posted: Jun. 29, 2023
    This is my daughters story really. After giving birth to her son in February of this year, the hospital treated her completely different after they read her declination for vaccines. She tried her best to find a pediatrician as quickly as possible and was denied care at 37 facilities across southwest Ohio because her child would NOT be receiving vaccinations.
  • Posted: May. 22, 2023
    I am a current senior in college and I want to go into the Accelerated Nursing Program after graduation. However, they are requiring me to inject filthy substances known as vaccines into my body as a condition to participate in their clinicals. These vaccines include COVID, Flu, Dtap, Varicella, and others. I made the personal decision to not inject vaccines into my body years ago as I am a faithful Muslim who was taught that it is haraam (forbidden) to inject anything that causes harm. I already switched from Computer Science, which was a major I truly despised and I want to take care of people. Please I beg you, there must be a way around this. When will people wake up and realize how toxic these injections are? Where are the other nursing students or healthcare students that are also against these mandates? The science literally shows that vaccines cause harm. Please, help me!!!!!

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