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Updated August 07, 2023

Select from one of the two options below to browse our collection of books, journals, and magazine resources. You'll find everything from New York Times Besellers to select publications by the NVIC founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher, and a myriad of other respected authors and professionals. Happy reading!

NVIC Book Corner

NVIC Book Corner

Browse our collection of suggested reading on subjects like science, policy, law, ethics, economics and politics of vaccination as well as natural alternatives for restoring and maintaining health and wellness. We have also included several fiction and non-fiction which offer thought-provoking perspectives on other subjects such as environmental pollution, human experimentation, individual autonomy and freedom of thought.

Journals & Magazines

NVIC Book Corner

Browse our collection of suggested reading of Journals and Magazines where readers can find information on subjects ranging from health and wellness, to industry news and journalism.

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