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Gardasil Death & Brain Damage: A National Tragedy

By Barbara Loe Fisher
Published February 09, 2009 in Government

by Barbara Loe Fisher

The tragic story of Gardasil vaccine is one that is playing out real time in the homes of trusting parents, who thought they were doing the right thing to try to make their daughters "one less," and in the 21st century cyberspace forum of public opinion as well as on television. On Feb. 6, CBS-TV Evening News released NVIC's new report on Gardasil vaccine risks.

Today, NVIC launched a petition and issued a national press release calling on President Barack Obama, his Administration and Congress to investigate the fast track licensure and universal use recommendation of Gardasil in 2006 and the dismissal of more than 10,000 reports of Gardasil-related reactions, injuries and deaths to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) as a "coincidence" by federal health officials.

NVIC's latest Gardasil risk report comparing the number and severity of adverse events reported to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) through November 30, 2008, reveals that death and serious health problems such as stroke, blood clots, cardiac arrest, seizures, fainting, lupus and rechallenge cases are reported three to 30 times more frequently after Gardasil vaccination than after meningococcal (Menactra) vaccination. If the deaths and serious injuries being reported after Gardasil were only a "coincidence," there would be little or no difference between the frequency and severity of vaccine-related adverse events between two vaccines if the vaccines were equally reactive and the number of doses were roughly the same.

Gardasil and Menactra vaccines were licensed within a year of each other and recommended by the CDC for universal use in 11-12 year olds. Although Menactra is given to boys and girls and has already been mandated in many states for high school and college entry, Gardasil is only given to girls and is not yet mandated. Menatra is given as one-dose series and, by February 25, 2008, the CDC reported that about 15.5 million doses of Menactra had been distributed in the U.S. Gardasil is given in a three dose series and the CDC reported that, by July 2008, about 16 million doses had been distributed in the U.S.

This means that about 15 million doses of Menactra were given to about 15 million boys and/or girls and about 16 million doses of Gardasil - if every girl got three doses - were given to about five million girls. It is individuals - not doses of vaccine - who collapse, convulse, become paralyzed, have heart attacks, develop lupus and other chronic health problems after being vaccinated. The fact that death and serious health problems are reported 3 to 30 times more frequently after Gardasil than after Menactra is highly significant and it is irresponsible for federal health officials and Merck to blow it off as unimportant.

What is sad is that the average junior high or high school student could do this VAERS analysis and come to the same conclusion. It does not take an M.D., Ph.D. or math genius to figure it out. In the hours before the CBS News report was broadcast, the best answer that Merck could come up with to address the differences between adverse events associated with Gardasil and Menactra was this:

"It's important to remember that the proven benefit of GARDASIL is that it helps prevent cervical cancer caused by the two virus types responsible for most cases of cervical cancer. Nothing is more important to Merck than the safety of our products and we carefully monitor the safety of GARDASIL on a routine basis. Experts at the FDA and CDC also continue to review data and, as recently as four months ago, said "GARDASIL continues to be safe and effective, and its benefits continue to outweigh its risks." NVIC is not a medical organization and has a long history of raising concerns about vaccines that are in direct conflict with the opinion of leading medical experts. We encourage consumers to get reliable information about the safety of vaccines from www.cdc.gov."

No, it doesn't take a doctor, health official or "medical organization" to do the math. What it takes is caring about every life - whether that life represents a baby, toddler, child, teenager, young adult, adult or senior citizen - because every life is important and nobody deserves to be written off by a drug company or government agency as an expendable casualty of public health policy.

Gabrielle, the 15 year old gymnast, honor roll student and cheerleader from Wichita, Kansas, who talks about how her health has been destroyed by Gardasil vaccine in the CBS report and in the NVIC video press release, spends most of her time at home or at doctors' offices now. A few weeks ago, her school voted her Homecoming Princess. On Saturday, she tried to go to the Homecoming dance. As she was getting dressed, she collapsed with seizures and severe abdominal pain. The medication she has been taking to try to control the seizures she developed after Gardasil vaccination caused her to develop kidney stones. She was rushed to the emergency room and hospitalized.

In the past 27 years, the stories of death and brain damage that have been reported to the National Vaccine Information Center have never changed. Whether the vaccine victims are 15 months old or 15 years old, the stories are the same: a trusting parent took a bright, healthy child to a doctor for a routine vaccination and the child was never the same again.

Gardasil vaccine was inappropriately fast tracked and licensed by the FDA and recommended by the CDC with too little attention paid to the reports of brain and immune system dysfunction that developed after vaccination in pre-licensure clinical trials. That same cavalier attitude toward Gardasil-related deaths and serious health problems, which have been experienced by many girls and young women after licensure, is inexcusable.

Americans are losing trust in pharmaceutical companies making drugs and vaccines and in federal health agencies, whose responsibility is to ensure that drugs and vaccines licensed for public use are safe, effective and necessary. If those responsible for protecting our health are not going to step up to the plate and do their jobs, then it is up to the people to do it.

At www.NVIC.org you can sign the Investigate Gardasil Vaccine Risks Now! petition, read NVIC's new report on Gardasil risks, and check out our new website that makes it easier to navigate and find information to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths.

In 2009, I have a sense of déjà vu, as the story of Gardasil vaccine plays out real time. There are striking parallels between how those operating the mass vaccination system reacted in the 1980's to persistent reports that DPT vaccine was harming more children than originally assumed and the way they are reacting now to persistent reports that Gardasil is more reactive than it was originally assumed. Assumption of safety is no substitute for proof of safety. And turning away from human suffering in order to protect the status quo is not the way to run a government that needs the trust and support of the people.

In the 18th century, Queen Marie Antoinette looked down at a starving people pleading for bread to stay alive and said "Let them eat cake." It is time for everyone in government, industry and medicine to take a different approach to persistent reports of vaccine injuries and deaths or risk metaphorically suffering the same fate that ended the monarchy in France. In the 21st century, today's peasants don't have pitchforks - they have laptops, desktops, smartphones and the internet.

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11 Responses to "Gardasil Death & Brain Damage: A National Tragedy "
Commenter Name
MI Woman
Posted: 7/4/2009 2:22:28 PM
I got GBS from Merck's HPV4 Gardasil alone. There was no other vaccine administered. I almost died. My life will never be the same. I have permanent neuro damage.
Commenter Name
Posted: 1/21/2010 10:25:47 AM
the first vaccination was as far as I got with Gardasil. It sent me into anaphylactic shock and I almost was "one less" life on this earth.
Commenter Name
Posted: 2/11/2010 10:09:31 AM
My strong healthy hyperactive 35year (not underweight, not overweight) 35 old wife had the first shot of Cervarix (Gardasil equiv) in mid Jan 2010 and is having a severe reaction since then. This vaccine really messes up the metabolism and the immune system. This is what she suffered: Dizzyness, frequent headache, joint pain, frequent fever, throat infection, dry upper/inner mouth, flutters in ear, severe weakness, irregular and messed up period and most importantly (this was the clue) massive loss of body fat in a very short period of time. The skin of her hands started shriveling like an old woman (hint: sub-cutaneous fat). Dry skin and mild rashes all over. She was so weakened that she was almost bedridden for a few days. Good thing is that now she is regaining strength and on the way to recovery. This is what we and our good family physician (specialist in Internal medicine and gastro-entr) had to do. 1. MUST: Don't eat any wheat products. Eat rice instead. Stop any form of dieting and go to full nourishing meals. 2. Drink lots of water, 4 glasses of fresh fruit juice every day. Drink coconut water if you can get it. 3. Lots of butter, yogurt, curd, full-cream milk, fish. Have two country chicken/duck eggs everyday 4. MUST: A good multivitamin, specially vitamin B-Complex syrup (Polybion) 3 times a day 5. Plenty of vegetables, specially carrots and beet-root (semi-boiled) 6. Try to maintain basic physical activities but do not exert. Take good rest. 7. Eat fish 8. Sesame seed paste (mix with milk shake/yogurt) 9. MUST: Have this "muscle builder" supplement 3 times a day for 5 days (no more): "Carnitin Ornitate" (may be available under different brands). 10. Get a good protein supplement with essential amino acids. According to our doctor, the full recovery would take a month or two. This post may help others to cope with the after effects. The treatment may already be known to many doctors but I could not find any on the net. Hence the posting. Always consult a "really good expert" specializing in Internal Medicine and Immunology. I mean the type of doctors (a rarity these days) who have not yet lost their brains (and heart), who try to understand things in terms of the underlying body chemistry and keep themselves updated with research and open issues. If you think the doctor is not paying attention to the effects/suffering and is dismissing you after routine stuff, change the doctor immediately. He/she probably does not know any more than what has been spoon-fed by the Merck/GSK sales folks. And when you recover, get together with others and sue the living daylights out of GSK and Merck. I am very sure they fudged/cooked their clinical trial reports or what they tried is not what they are selling. Enron of medicine? Why not. The vaccine may or may not be effective against HPVs (time will tell) but the way they have set the dose and the turbo-charged it with the adjuvents, definitely does not suit all human beings. PS. If your body already shows such a violent reaction, do not go for the next injections. Your immune system will remember this viral-protein till you die at a ripe old age.
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/5/2011 11:55:14 PM
Hello, I allowed my then thirteen year old daughter to take one of the two recommended doses of the GARDASIL until i began doing the research but she will not see the second dose nor any other viral vaccines but to put an end to the any destruction within her fragile body we have begun to take a "HEAL-ALL" herbal tea which is an anti-viral ancient chinese tea good for the healing of your body. It is called "Xia cu Cao so please goggle it then try it for yourself,use it sparingly it is potent. Thank you, and May God Bless you All.
Commenter Name
Sandy L
Posted: 9/13/2011 12:39:07 PM
DOES GARDASIL CAUSE BRAIN DAMAGE? In drug targeting polysorbate 80/Tween 80 is used to assist in the delivery of certain drugs (especially psychiatric, nano-drugs or chemotherapeutic agents) across the blood-brain barrier and into the brain tissue. Polysorbates act by rendering the barrier more porous (“open it up”). The obvious deduction is that this is likely to happen regarding vaccines. In Gardasil there is the risk of passage being facilitated of neurotoxic aluminium and other substances crossing the blood-brain barrier and gaining contact with the brain tissue. Aluminium does not belong in the brain! Many young girls have died after Gardasil vaccines. Autopsies rarely if ever include investigation of brain tissue. This may be of paramount importance towards revealing the truth about this vaccine. DOES GARDASIL CAUSE CANCER? It is not known whether the ingredients in Gardasil are carcinogenic. Information in the package insert states that the vaccine is not tested for carcinogenicity. In addition, there is the issue of “replacement”, a normal phenomenon in virology where strains which have been removed are always replaced by new ones. It is not known whether the new virus strains are more carcinogenic than the original ones which have been removed. In other words, it may be most inappropriate to term Gardasil a "cancer vaccine" as it may actually increase the risk of cancer.
Commenter Name
Jenny Rennie
Posted: 1/11/2014 1:47:41 PM
My daughter just got both the meningitis and gardisil 1/9/2014 she is sick as a dog very sluggish sore and just general malaise she is a tennis player I am so angry that I was not informed and will not be giving her rounds 2 and 3 how irresponsible of the government merck my pediatrician to have given both vaccines at the same time full well knowing the high risks of paralysis GBS and potential death.
Commenter Name
Kooba sale
Posted: 1/20/2015 3:36:12 AM
Vaccines with these side effects are the real tragedy of a nation. I think I read an article in which they clearly say that this vaccine causes blood clot in the humans. The risk report shows the main disadvantages of the gardasil vaccine.
Commenter Name
Michelle victim of gardasil
Posted: 5/2/2015 7:21:50 PM
I can speak from my own experience that Gardasil is poison and should NOT be given to anyone- I would not wish this on my worst enemy. Five years ago i went to have a gyno exam and while in there my doctor recommended gardasil. I had heard a lot about it on the television (all good things from the doctors paid to say so). I was not well informed about the problems associated with the vaccine and went ahead with it. Five years later and I am completely non functional, disabled from neuropathic pain from my head to my toes and this pain is severe and CONSTANT. I have been to many different well trained medical doctors, from stanford hospital to Cleveland clinic, mayo etc have had every text done and have come to find that I suffered from a traumatic brain injury due to the vaccine. I currently have an autoimmune disease causing neuropathy full body and also have had testing that shows I have inflammation in the brain and spinal cord. They have said I have vasculitis, an inflammation of the blood vessels in my brain (as do many other gardasil victims) and because of the vaccine I suffered damage to the thalamus (reason for the constant pain that never goes away). Prior to the vaccine I has just finished with my masters degree, now I'm practically an invalid. This is poison keep your children away from this.. It will destroy your life.
Commenter Name
University in Haryana
Posted: 9/16/2015 7:05:09 AM
In the past 27 years, the stories of death and brain damage that have been reported to the National Vaccine Information Center have never changed.
Commenter Name
Posted: 12/16/2015 7:27:47 PM
HPV plasmids, which exist and replicate independently of the chromosome. GARDASIL CERVARIX iN THE VACCINE, a short strand of hpv dna is bad ACQUIRED IMMUNITY ; SMALL POX WAS DEADLY, COW POX WAS NOT DEADLY, people got cow pox from milking cows and did not get small pox and could take care of the sick.....who had small pox............ AND THIS IS HOW THE IDEA OF ACQUIRED IMMUNITY WAS USED IN BEGINNING OF VACCINE SCIENCE acquired immunity was seen established and a vaccine was made after that......no one has proved the science to artificially make a vaccine without an acquired immunity to the disease....
Commenter Name
Pinoy Tv
Posted: 4/8/2020 3:58:31 AM
That is really amazing

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