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NVIC’s Truth and Freedom Monument Stands in Cape Coral, Florida Defending Civil Liberties

By Barbara Loe Fisher
Published May 19, 2023 in Rights & Ethics

There are monuments in Washington, DC and other parts of the United States honoring the casualties of wars and those who have been victims of injustice and discrimination. For many years, I have wanted to create a monument honoring the casualties of mandatory vaccination laws that ignore the informed consent principle and violate the human right to autonomy. Now, there is a Truth and Freedom Monument standing in Florida that affirms the ethical principle of informed consent to medical risk taking and champions civil liberties.

Truth & Freedom Monument Sponsored by the charitable National Vaccine Information Center, the marble and bronze Truth and Freedom Monument is located on land in Cape Coral, Florida donated by holistic health pioneer Dr. Joseph Mercola.  Surrounded by green grass, palm trees, flowers and water reservoirs, the focus of the monument is a seven-foot silvered bronze angel with a wingspread of nearly five feet standing on a blue globe reminding us of our duty to be guardians of our children and protect freedom for this and future generations.

Championing Health Freedom and Civil Liberties

The torch held up by the angel’s left arm is the light of truth and the child held in the angel’s right arm symbolizes the future of humanity. The guardian angel of freedom stands on a white marble pedestal engraved on four sides with these inscriptions:

   Freedom of thought and conscience;

   Freedom of speech and assembly;

   They had no voice, they had no choice; and

   No forced vaccination. Not in America.

Behind the angel is a semi-circle of three white marble arches engraved at the top with quotations. Above the center marble arch is an inscription from the Bible – The truth will set you free – a phrase also found in contemporary academic settings affirming freedom of thought and the power of knowledge.Close Up T & F

The first quote engraved at the top of one of the two flanking marble arches is a quote by Dr. Joe Mercola, who defends everyone’s right to choose how to heal and stay healthy.

Your body was designed to stay well. You hold in your hands the power to take control of your health. Never let anyone take your right to health away. – Dr. Joe Mercola

The second quote inscribed at the top of the other arch is a warning I have been publicly making for many decades in defense of the human right to autonomy and protection of those civil liberties defining what it means to be free:

If the state can tag, track down and force individuals to be injected with biologicals of known and unknown toxicity today, then there will be no limit on which individual freedoms the state can take away in the name of the greater good tomorrow. – Barbara Loe Fisher

The Past is Prologue

Forty years ago, in 1983, I said, “The time has come for us to stand up and reassert our rights as parents to protect the mental and physical health of our children. Mothers, who are primarily responsible for taking children to the doctor and holding them while vaccinations are given, must stop being intimidated by physicians. We must educate ourselves about vaccines, start asking questions and demanding answers. We have to organize and educate our state and federal representatives about the dangers of current vaccine policy. Most of all, we can never again abdicate our responsibility to be fully informed about the nature of any biological that is injected into us or our children.”1

Thirty years ago in the early 1990s, I began predicting the time would come when Americans would not just be blocked from getting a school education, but would be denied employment and medical care and prevented from entering a restaurant or being able to move about freely in public without showing proof of vaccination.

Before COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency: Gaslighting the “Vaccine Hesitant”

Who Top ThreatsIn January 2019, after the World Health Organization declared that “vaccine hesitancy” was among the top 10 threats to global health2 and the corporate owned media began to attack anyone who wanted to make voluntary decisions about vaccination, especially parents, I knew time was running out. Doctors were ordering parents to strictly adhere to the government’s policy of giving children six dozen doses of vaccines between the day of birth and age 18 and if they refused, the families were denied medical care.3 4 5 Mothers bringing their children for well-baby checkups were being bullied and gaslighted by pediatricians for even asking a question about vaccine reactions – even when their child had already had a serious reaction to previous vaccinations.6

Vaccination has been the cornerstone of public health programs for two centuries. Mandatory vaccination campaigns giving more and more vaccines to infants and children and pregnant women over the past five decades should have made Americans the healthiest in the world. Instead, today, everybody knows somebody who was healthy, got vaccinated and was never healthy again.

The Chronic Disease and Disability Epidemic of Unresolved Inflammation

The chronic disease and disability epidemic plaguing our children and adults in the 21st century is an epidemic of chronic brain and immune system dysfunction that has grown bigger with each passing decade as the numbers of vaccinations given to children has tripled, repeatedly provoking inflammatory responses in the body throughout childhood. 

One child in six is now learning disabled;7 one child in 10 is struggling with allergies8 or ADHD 9 10 or an anxiety disorder;11 one in 12 has asthma;12 one in 36 develops autism;13 one in 150 has epilepsy;14 15 one in 285 is diabetic,16 and millions more are sick with poor health conditions marked by unresolved inflammation in the body.17 On top of that, America has the worst infant mortality rate,18 the worst maternal mortality rate 19 and worst life expectancy of all developed nations.20 77 percent of highly vaccinated young Americans do not qualify for military service because of physical and mental health problems.

Use of Fear and Coercion to Force Use of mRNA COVID Vaccine

So, by 2019 when the World Health Organization singled out the “vaccine hesitant” for shaming and blaming, mandatory vaccination had, indeed, become the tip of the spear in the culture war gripping nations around the world. It had become an organizing tool used by globalists promoting authoritarian collectivist forms of government that devalue individual life and liberty in the name of the greater good.21

It was in 2019 that I began to design a monument to truth and freedom that would honor the casualties of mandatory vaccination laws and remind Americans of the urgent need to protect the human right to autonomy and civil liberties in the 21st century.  

You're FiredWhen the COVID-19 pandemic emergency was declared in 2020, as soon as the fast-tracked mRNA COVID vaccines were released under an Emergency Use Authorization, proponents of forced vaccination predictably used fear and coercion to try to compel individuals to get vaccinated or be ostracized from society. The vaccine was required by the federal government 22 23 and corporations as a condition of employment 24 and by universities as a condition of enrollment for education.25 Proof of vaccination was required by restaurants26 and gyms27 as a condition for eating food or exercising, and by hotels28  and movie theaters29 30 as part of the price of admission, and by churches31 and synagogues32 as a condition for entering a sanctuary to worship God. Nurses and doctors who refused the COVID shot were fired33 and so were decorated soldiers serving in the U.S. military,34 35 and so were professors at universities who dared to question the origins of the new coronavirus or criticize the safety and effectiveness of the COVID vaccine.36 37 38

My prediction had become reality and, along with draconian COVID vaccine mandates, came government dictated lockdowns that violated freedom of assembly.39 40 41 Widespread censorship endorsed by government officials violated freedom of speech in ways that Americans had never experienced before in our history.42 In the virtual and physical public square, individuals and organizations like this one were subjected to demonization and discrimination in an attempt to silence our voices.43 44 Freedom of thought and conscience was suppressed to stifle all dissent and block legitimate objections to authoritarian lockdowns and coercive vaccination policies.

It was a dystopian nightmare I had not thought I would live long enough to witness. Yet, it happened.

And it will happen again if we abandon a central principle upon which our nation was founded, which is that the individual has natural rights which limit the power of the state. It is a sacred principle that affirms the first human right – the right to autonomy, which includes protection of bodily integrity.45 46

No State Legislature Voted for COVID Vaccine Mandate

FreedomParents of vaccine injured children began ringing the warning bell in 1982 about vaccine risks and failures and the danger posed by mandatory vaccination laws and we rang it louder and louder throughout every decade since, no matter who tried to silence us. And because we did that, not one state legislature in the United States of America voted to mandate the COVID vaccine or institute a vaccine passport.47 Working with families in the states since 2010 through the online NVIC Advocacy Portal to educate lawmakers about the importance of protecting vaccine informed consent rights is a big reason why no state legislature voted to force residents to show proof of COVID vaccination when entering public spaces.

Now the Truth and Freedom Monument stands at the Mercola Market in Cape Coral, Florida as a reminder of our duty to protect our children and defend those natural rights that guard the beating heart of liberty. If you visit the Truth and Freedom Monument, you can take your photo in front of the angel and post it with a comment on a virtual Truth and Freedom Monument on NVIC’s website at NVIC.org.

Connect with NVIC and become a health freedom advocate in your community today. Do it for yourself and for the children in this generation and for those yet to come.

Be the one who never has to say you did not do today what you could have done to change tomorrow.

It’s your health. Your family. Your choice.

And our mission continues: No forced vaccination. Not in America



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22 Responses to "NVIC’s Truth and Freedom Monument Stands in Cape Coral, Florida Defending Civil Liberties"
Commenter Name
Shelly Marlene Hamid
Posted: 4/26/2023 8:22:57 AM
Thank you so very much for your tireless work devoted to our children and the integrity of informed consent. God bless you all!
Commenter Name
Sandra Langdon
Posted: 4/26/2023 8:43:31 AM
We have two grandsons, two brothers that started stuttering after being vaccinated. No one else in family stutters. Have any input on that? Thanks in advance!!
Commenter Name
Posted: 4/26/2023 8:47:41 AM
Thank you, Barbara, and NVIC team, for your important work over these many years. You were there when I first began researching vaccines back in 1993. You have made an incalculable positive impact on families around the world. God bless you with continued energy, wisdom, and protection.
Commenter Name
Posted: 4/26/2023 11:30:28 AM
I appreciate this monument and am sure it will bring consolation to many as we walk back our rights from the oppressive positions placed on mankind over the plandemic.
Commenter Name
Sandy Freeman
Posted: 4/26/2023 3:19:24 PM
Great blessings and gratitude to all of you who have contributed to Health Freedom, especially Barbara Loe Fisher and Dr. Mercola.
Commenter Name
Carol Meyer
Posted: 4/26/2023 7:52:54 PM
Thank you so much for what you have done and what you continue to do to help families who struggle with vaccine reactions. You helped me and my family more than you’ll ever know. God bless you. Laura’s mom.
Commenter Name
Deborah Davis
Posted: 4/30/2023 7:46:15 AM
Thank you Barbara Loe Fisher for your tireless efforts for health freedom. Thank you Dr.Joe Mercola for donating land for this monument.
Commenter Name
Posted: 4/30/2023 7:56:42 AM
Thank you for all your work!
Commenter Name
Debra Breeze
Posted: 4/30/2023 11:57:35 AM
Congratulations on your excellent work and to Dr. Mercola who I consider one of the few male heros of our times. I'm an observer, not a segregate.
Commenter Name
Posted: 5/1/2023 12:11:43 PM
Thank you for your many efforts, strength and courage!. Their lies and deception harmed our children and murdered our beautiful daughter! We will forever share her message, recently releasing a film to add to others, praying to reveal truth! HaleighsHeart.com
Commenter Name
Pam Lane
Posted: 5/2/2023 2:37:12 AM
I've read too many horror stories of Vaccine injuries. We must be Vaccine hesitant. Keep up the research please. So important . Thankyou
Commenter Name
Joan E Bennett
Posted: 5/2/2023 7:00:45 PM
Thank you for providing a sane platform which demands good science to manage safety
Commenter Name
Wanda W. Adams
Posted: 5/3/2023 5:50:28 PM
THANK YOU for your diligent work in keeping vaccines a CHOICE in USA. For the sake of our child and grandchildren, I want to keep vaccines a CHOICE. Please send me info on how to REGISTER to get involved with NVIC at my state level...South Carolina. Thanks.
Commenter Name
Posted: 5/9/2023 9:10:12 PM
Thank you for all that you do to protect our children!
Commenter Name
m colns
Posted: 5/12/2023 9:37:41 AM
keep up the fight
Commenter Name
Posted: 5/14/2023 4:29:54 AM
I’ve been following Dr. Mercola for quite some years now and I’m just seeing his involvement and your organization! I’m upset with myself for not seeing it sooner, so I could have joined a long time ago! Well, I’m happy to have found you! I will most definitely be a member! I have two autistic nephews and a friend with autistic twins. Many people around us know or have autistic children in their families! THATS the pandemic!!😡Its near unbelievable the massive numbers. I am beyond angry at their systemic poisoning of the nations children in the name of profits and depopulation! It’s heartbreaking as well! We watched our eldest nephew go from a playful, happy baby to a non verbal, non engaged toddler. He’s 6 now and still not speaking. His younger brother has a myriad of illnesses with autism on top. I am actively warning young pregnant women or with babies! I do not care in the least of any backlash towards me! If it saves one baby from getting these horrific jabs, praise God! We MUST be louder than the liars!! Thank you for all you’ve done and all you’re doing! I am a woman, tho my name would suggest a man. 🙂
Commenter Name
stephen R Jacks
Posted: 5/30/2023 9:05:50 AM
Thank yu Dr mercola. Yu are truly amazing..
Commenter Name
Michael McCammon
Posted: 6/12/2023 11:50:47 PM
Sincerely wish we could have such a monument here now out parliament steps to commemorate when not a single politician would meet with protestestors many of them damaged from vaccinations.
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/1/2023 7:26:21 AM
Thank you for your research and fighting to protect our rights. My 10 month old granddaughter was forced to get the hep b vaccine even though she is not at risk for hep b or get kicked out of her physician’s office. Her one older sibling is ADHD and her other is dyslexic. Her aunt had Guillain-Barré syndrome after a vaccine. We should be free to choose and not lose a doctor if we opt out of some or all vaccines.
Commenter Name
Dr Kenneth Krieger
Posted: 7/4/2023 10:19:56 AM
Great organization. Been an advocate of free choice for vaccination for the past 50 years. As a Chiropractic Physician patients would ask me if they should or shouldn't immunize. I gave them information about immunizations and let them determine what they should do. I never advised them one way or the other. However, when they were informed in all aspects, nearly 100% determined they should not immunize. INFORMED consent is the key. Inform, educate, and let the parents make the determination. My hands are clean without a single child being injured due to the side effects of these chemicals. I don't know how a physician can sleep at night with what is known about these shots, none of which were ever double blind, placebo controlled tested, and then injured children. It's a travesty!
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/13/2023 6:09:54 PM
I am a grandmother of 6, soon to be 7. I live in California, or should I say "The Peoples Republic of California". Having been injured from the covid vaccine, my children and I have done a lot of research. None of my children or grandchildren got the jab. However, the school system says they must have all the vaccines in order to attend public or private school. My daughter need to work and doesn't think she can homeschool. Her son is 12 and has had 5 of the DPT shots, but they say he needs on more pertussis or he can't attend school. This is ridiculous. He is being forced to get that shot. What can I do to help him and other children in CA.
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/25/2023 6:05:33 AM
Many of the medical dissenters to the MSM covid narrative are careful to assert that they are not anti-vaxers. Just anti-covid vax. While the reason for this might be understandable, to gain a hearing to have some impact, the integrity of this position is questionable. . I started to question the vaccination of children when I realized that "trusted family doctors" just denied vaccine adverse events regardless, even when the connection was clear. Same with covid "vaccines" now. Obviously most doctors had been indoctrinated/brainwashed/cloned very effectively. Can education alone deprogram clones? They are indoctrinated. Without deprogramming no amount of factual input will avail. Same with covid fanatics. Ignorance kills. OK for the adults making that choice. We fight for the children who have no voice and no choice. Not easy when parents are intent on vaccination to any degree regardless. The deeper issue is the children who were aborted, and their fetal tissue used in vaccines. They had no voice and no choice either. Yet we did not stand up and speak up for the innocents.

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