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Doctors Given Power to Vaccinate Young Children Without the Knowledge of Parents

By Barbara Loe Fisher
Published June 28, 2021 in Government


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This past year, we have seen many lawmakers in the U.S. and other countries vote to eliminate or severely restrict civil liberties in the name of the public health.1 2 3  One of the most outrageous legislative actions violating parental and human rights took place in Washington, DC in November 2020 when City Council officials gave doctors the power to vaccinate children as young as 11 years old and hide what they did from parents.4 5 6 7 8 The DC Mayor refused to veto the bill 9 10 and, in January 2021, the U.S. Congress sat on its hands11 12 and gave tacit approval to enactment of the most dangerous child vaccination law in America.


In a breathtaking violation of medical ethics and several federal laws, the new vaccine concealment law in Washington, DC allows doctors to extract “informed consent” from young children too immature to know what informed consent13 means or what a vaccine reaction looks and feels like.14 15 16 The DC City Council majority, with only three members dissenting, cruelly disempowered parents by voting to make it illegal for a doctor, insurance company or school administrator to divulge a child’s vaccination history in records that can be seen by the child’s mother or father.17

Parents Won’t Have Information to Protect Child From Vaccine Injury

An 11-year old child does not know or understand his or her personal health history but most parent do. If a child has experienced previous vaccine reactions, has severe allergies or other health conditions that could increase vaccine risks,18 19 parents kept in the dark will not have a way to protect their child from further harm.

Parents who don’t know which vaccines their children have been given will not be able to monitor them for signs of a potentially life-threatening vaccine reaction that requires immediate medical treatment.20 If the child is injured or dies after vaccination, parents will not know they must apply to the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) before the filing deadline expires.21

Parents will not know their insurance company has been billed for vaccines. Parents will not know that a school the child attends is in possession of their child’s secret vaccination records even when there is a vaccine exemption for religious belief reasons on file with the school.

This blatant violation of a parent’s moral right and legal responsibility to make medical risk decisions on behalf of a minor child was endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics22 and pushed through by the DC City Council, while the Mayor and the US Congress looked the other way.

Washington, DC Vaccine Concealment Law Violates Federal Laws

serious teens

First, DC’s vaccine concealment law violates vaccine safety provisions of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, a federal law that confirmed vaccine injuries and deaths are real and made preventing vaccine reactions a national priority. Parents of DPT vaccine injured children secured vaccine safety provisions in the 1986 Act, which directs doctors and other medical workers to give parents written vaccine benefit and risk information before a child is vaccinated 23 and also mandates that vaccine providers record which vaccines the child is given in a record the parents can access.

Specifically, the 1986 Act mandates that “health care providers who administer a vaccine” must give a child’s legal representative ”a copy of the information materials” developed by the Centers for Disease Control QUOTE “prior to the administration” of a vaccine.24 25 The 1986 law also requires each person administering a vaccine to QUOTE “ensure that there is recorded in such person’s permanent medical record or in a permanent office log or file to which a legal representative shall have access upon request” certain information: Number 1: the date of administration of the vaccine; Number 2: the vaccine manufacturer and lot number of the vaccine; and Number 3: the name and address and, if appropriate, the title of the health care provider administering the vaccine.”26

These informing and recording vaccine safety provisions were included in the 1986 Act specifically to provide parents with information they need to make well informed vaccine decisions for their minor children; and to help parents recognize and prevent vaccine reactions; and to ensure a vaccine reaction is reported to the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).27 28

If a doctor can secretly inject a young child with one or more vaccines and hide the vaccination records, how will parents know what is happening when a vaccine reaction occurs? They won’t have the information they need to take their child to an emergency room or be able to make the connection between the vaccinations and a child’s regression into poor health.

Child Vaccinated

This lack of critical information about their child’s medical history also means parents will likely miss the deadline for filing a claim in the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), which has awarded more than 4.5 billion dollars to the vaccine injured over the past three decades.29

DC’s vaccine concealment law violates the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, known as FERPA, which guarantees parents the legal right to have access to their children’s education records, including health and vaccine records, at the primary and secondary school level.30

Vaccine Concealment Law Violates Informed Consent Rights

DC’s vaccine concealment law also violates the long standing ethical principle of informed consent to medical risk taking,31 which has governed the ethical practice of human research and medical practice since the Nuremberg Code was published in 1947 after the Doctor’s Trial.32 33 Informed consent is exercised on behalf of minor children by parents, who are morally and legally responsible for the well-being and financial support for their children until they are old enough to live independently.34 35 36

Child development specialists have documented how young children and teenagers lack the critical thinking skills and emotional maturity to exercise good judgment when assessing risks.37 38 39 40 Pre-adolescents are more susceptible to pressure from peers and authority figures.41 42 43 44

Doctors and Other Vaccine Administrators Have No Liability for Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

informed consent

Doctors are the ultimate authority figures in our society today, and many are serving as authoritarian implementers of one-size-fits-all federal vaccine policies and state vaccine mandates.45 46 Like vaccine manufacturers, doctors and other persons who administer vaccines cannot be held liable in civil court when a child dies or is injured.47 Congress passed special legislation in 2020 to make sure that doctors or anyone else who administers a Covid-19 vaccine cannot be sued.48

When the risks of vaccination turn out to be 100 percent for a child, it is the mother and father raising that child on a day-to-day basis who will be left with the life-long consequences - not the doctor who has been given the power to secretly persuade the child to take vaccines, and not the politician who voted to give doctors that power.

The DC Council sponsor of the bill entitled the “Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act” originally wanted doctors to be able to vaccinate children of any age – no matter how young - without the knowledge or consent of their parents. She argued that minors of any age can get an abortion in Washington, DC and get treated for a sexually transmitted disease or substance abuse without the knowledge or consent of their parents.49

She told Medscape Medical News that parents with “anti-science” beliefs were not vaccinating their children based on a “disproven belief” that vaccines may cause harm, which puts other people at “extreme risk” for disease.50

A dissenting DC City Council member countered with “Medical professionals and schools should not be permitted to coerce impressionable minors into procedures capable of causing injury or death behind their parents’ back.”51

DC Vaccine Concealment Law A Profound Betrayal of Public Trust

The Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights states that:

“The interests and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of science or society;” and “For persons who are not capable of exercising autonomy, special measures are to be taken to protect their rights and interests;” and “Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information.”52

It is a profound betrayal of public trust for any city, state or federal government to strip parents of their God given right to protect their children from harm by allowing a doctor to give a child a pharmaceutical product without getting a parent’s permission. Science is not perfect, doctors are not infallible, and pharmaceutical products like vaccines come with risks that can be greater for some individuals than others,53 54 55 which is why parents must retain the human right to exercise informed consent to medical risk taking on behalf of their minor children.

Will the vaccine concealment bill that is now law in Washington, DC be exported to your state next?

Take Action Today To Protect Parental Rights

If you want to protect parental and informed consent rights, register for the free online NVIC Advocacy Portal today and stay up to date on vaccine laws being proposed in your state so you can contact your legislators and take positive action.    

Never be the one who has to say you did not do today what you could have done to change tomorrow.

It’s your health. Your family. Your choice.

And our mission continues: No forced vaccination. Not in America. 



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29 Responses to "Doctors Given Power to Vaccinate Young Children Without the Knowledge of Parents"
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/30/2021 8:15:37 AM
Have there been any lawsuits on this? Seems pretty open and shut case against it.
Commenter Name
Lisa Hamilton
Posted: 6/30/2021 8:48:40 AM
As a parent it is our responsibility and no one else’s to make decisions for our child if we truly are taking good care of our kids. It is not up to the Doctors or Government to talk our kids into making that decision. Kids are not old enough to understand what is being ask of them to do.
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/30/2021 9:23:27 AM
This law horrifies me! Our duty as parents is to protect our children. How can we do that if doctors have the ability to vaccinate and HIDE this information from the us? This is unethical and criminal.
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/30/2021 10:23:26 AM
Concealment Law is unconstitutionally illegal. It’s outrageous.
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/30/2021 10:24:44 AM
AMEN, Robert! I'll make your words mine! This cabal needs to be exposed and brought down to their knees and these traitors need to be put in front of a firing squad alright! Nothing should go into a person's body that said person does not agree with! No child should be subjected to vaccination, experimental or not, without the knowledge and consent of the parents. These people are criminals, period! ... Robert By their actions they show they do not care about what parents think so they should not even be in office and they should be in prison for their warfare/lawfare against common law rights of all people on this planet. Until these people doing this go to prison or before firing squads post trial, they will continue to do what they want to do. It's just that simple across all government and business and organizations. You violate the highest law in the land and peoples inalienable rights willfully and you "will" be held accountable up to and including death like the traitors they are.
Commenter Name
Bob Sornson
Posted: 6/30/2021 10:56:48 AM
This is consistent with efforts to reduce the importance of family in our society, as part of a larger effort to delegitimize faith, family, and culture, the foundations of a society. This strategy is part of both Marxist and Totalitarian efforts to move away from a world in which individual liberty and responsibility are basic values. I ask legislators to push for penalties for any local, state or national government which undermines parent rights, family rights, and individual rights. Doctors should also be held accountable for these illegal and morally reprehensible behaviors.
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/30/2021 11:10:58 AM
Im in agreement with Lisa above....... If This new Vaccine Concealment Law, ILLEGALLY GOES AGAINST the Nuremberg Code of 1947, and the 1986 Act , then HOW COME THERE ISNT ONE OF OUR GREAT CHRISTIAN LEGAL TEAMS coming out against this Illegal, Tyrannical Utter Injustice that is so Blatantly Breaking the Law, and Violating Parents as well as Children's Civil Liberties let Alone Morals and Ethics??? PLEASE...... SOMEONE TAKE THIS CASE ON!!!! For the sake of Humane Life- I for one will begin Praying for the Deliverance of this In-Humane Law, and for This Organization, The National Vaccination Information Center for Exposing these Awful Injustices!!! Praise be to God Almighty!!!
Commenter Name
Vijay Gupta
Posted: 6/30/2021 11:23:33 AM
If an 11 year old has the discretion to consent to a vaccine against parental advice, does he/she also have the discretion to refuse a vaccine against parental advice?
Commenter Name
Diane maupin
Posted: 6/30/2021 12:04:13 PM
Unbelievable! Unconscionable! Evil!
Commenter Name
Diane maupin
Posted: 6/30/2021 12:05:58 PM
Unbelievable! Unconscionable! Evil!
Commenter Name
BMC Redirect
Posted: 6/30/2021 12:33:16 PM
Could one fathom this in their wildest imagination? Yes, you can when you accept that USMostCorruptNation has a GlobalistCommieCongress hell-bent on finally breaking the Great American Spirit of LIBERTY and JUSTICE For All. Pray, for only God can save US now! FREEDOM OF VACCINATION CHOICE, NO MATTER WHAT!
Commenter Name
Frances Lilian Wellington
Posted: 6/30/2021 12:49:51 PM
This law is unfair. It should be scrapped. The only law that is needed is one for the children who do not want a vaccine, when their parents do want the child to receive a vaccine. That's all there is to be done, in my opinion.
Commenter Name
Nick Quinlan
Posted: 6/30/2021 3:54:54 PM
This is unbelievable. If one does not have the right to decide what is or isn't injected into you or your children, then you are not free, you are a slave to a criminal industry, and the government it owns. Pharma is a completely out of control global monster, and is a dire threat to humanity at this point, and Congress is completely captured by this criminal industry. This is organized crime, masquerading as health care.
Commenter Name
abinico warez
Posted: 6/30/2021 4:11:52 PM
We are now living in a state of medical fascism.
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/30/2021 5:18:15 PM
Sounds like this law is ripe for a lawsuit to be filed by DC residents, and I hope that they will file. There are too many legal precedents that have been violated by this law, and even if the case has to go to the US Supreme Court, I believe they will be vindicated.
Commenter Name
Kate Boquet
Posted: 6/30/2021 7:19:13 PM
Are reliving Nazi Germany? Each child is an individual, and he or she should be treated as such. Did God give these lawmakers a mandate that says you know better what is right for each child, not parents who are raising this child. MAKE VACCINES SAFE, stop imposing your laws on parents. Hold the companies responsible that manufacture this poison. Don't take the parents, the children, and all peoples God given right to be free and uphold our constitution. We can not live in these United States of America and survive under tyranny. THIS IS TYRANNY AND NAZI GERMANY ALL OVER AGAIN.
Commenter Name
Beth Almeida
Posted: 7/1/2021 6:02:36 AM
The woman who suggested this BS is a real troublemaker in the first place. If she can't get her way because someone opposed her, she accuses them of all sorts of slanderous garbage. However, what hit me all sorts of wrong is the fact they are going around the parents COMPLETELY but still using the parents insurance and saying the insurance shouldn't list the vaccine in the explanation of charges. They have got to be smoking crack up there.
Commenter Name
Jessica B
Posted: 7/1/2021 7:22:34 AM
I’m almost at a loss for words. This is scary…it is so sick & twisted. And if/when one of these children has an adverse reaction will the government/lawmakers be sending a car and chaperone to take the children to the hospital/doctor appointments? Will they pay the medical bills? Imagine your child becoming severely ill, with unusual symptoms and you have no idea why or what is happening. I guess that’s an easy way to prevent adverse reactions being reported.
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/1/2021 4:18:55 PM
Why don't they name and shame The DC Council sponsor of the bill?
Commenter Name
robert rosenfield
Posted: 7/1/2021 4:23:53 PM
why does the name Mengele come to mind?
Commenter Name
doris jean
Posted: 7/5/2021 5:57:46 PM
The only science here is “political science”! America needs to have its own Nuremberg trials now, and start with Dr. Fauci. No mandatory medical experiments.
Commenter Name
Jenny M
Posted: 7/6/2021 2:07:36 PM
And people don't think Communism can happen in the USA? Think again!
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/7/2021 7:08:51 PM
"They won't have the information they need to take their child to an emergency room," which shouldn't prevent those parents from caring enough to take them anyway. Right? Although if I was a parent, I'd be equally horrified to pass my child off to a Rockefeller doctor (who repeats the lie that there's a Sars CoV 2 virus). So, We are now forced to deal with fraudsters when we or our loved ones are in a critical state. Nice. It's time for this cruel, perverted system of things to be destroyed.
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/9/2021 10:33:32 AM
This unconstitutional "law" MUST be fought in court. I know many attorneys and judges have been captured by industry, but surely there are some truly independent ones out there who would be willing to take up this crucial case. Corrupt politicians and greedy corporations MUST NOT be allowed to get away with these criminal actions!
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/20/2021 10:16:13 PM
Outrageous. Why so much subterfuge with vaccines? Why are vaccinated people so terrified of the untaxed if they think it provides them with protection? Something nefarious is going on here. DC is home to a large African American Community.
Commenter Name
Ron S.
Posted: 7/22/2021 5:23:35 PM
Now we got to hire some lawyers to protect our children. This is worse than CA limiting medical exenptions.
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/26/2021 6:43:20 AM
What does it mean? Of course, doctors should be qualified enough to make decisions like this, but what if child have contraindications or allergic reactions they don't know about? This is not even maddening, it's mockery.
Commenter Name
Beth Almeida
Posted: 12/29/2021 9:15:27 AM
The woman who came up with this little piece of trash idea is a combative and hateful old witch of the first order. She is forever accusing somebody of being racist or prejudiced in one way or another. This concept is very fitting with her personality (or the part of it she lets the public see, anyway. The articles I've read about her allowed me to form this opinion of her.) I tried so hard to raise awareness of this joke of a bill when the mayor or whoever was supposed to look at it and decide whether or not to send it on to the next bunch of morons who had a hand in getting it approved. I can't believe there hasn't been any noise made about this really. But isn't parenting assumed in one of the amendments to the Constitution? Along with the idea that family should be left whole and protected as it is the starting point of civilization (or something like that)? If so, HOW are they keeping this in place? And why is it even a thing? If it is AGAINST the Constitution, how did it even get off the ground? There should be some sort of safe guard against BS like this AND against the people who try to sneak a proposal or bill by the people to become law when they KNOW it is a violation. People in the government must drink the koolaide to make them go super stupid.
Commenter Name
Posted: 10/9/2022 7:25:13 PM
If it's only in Washout DC, that will likely be fine. Please see that all the CONgressjacks apply it evenly to their families.

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