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Under Attack, NVIC Helps Americans Stand Up & Speak Out

By Barbara Loe Fisher
Published November 20, 2012 in Rights & Ethics

In 2013, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) enters our fourth decade of preventing vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and defending the legal right to make voluntary vaccination decisions in America.[1]

Each year during the past 30, NVIC has become more successful in achieving our mission. With that success has come more fierce opposition by politically powerful medical trade associations and special interest groups allied with drug companies doing everything they can to censor truthful vaccine information and strip vaccine informed consent protections from public health laws.

NVIC Ranks High As Trusted Information Source

At a recent federal advisory committee meeting, we learned that public opinion surveys reveal that NVIC ranks as one of the most trusted sources of vaccine information among Americans, who choose to vaccinate, and also among those, who do not.[2] This means that our small charity and the well-referenced information on our website at NVIC.org is helping to inform the health decisions made by millions of Americans.
This is a huge accomplishment and it would not have been possible without 30 years of loyal support by tens of thousands of parents, grandparents, doctors, nurses and students coming from every single state and every walk of life, who offer donations to NVIC every year.

No Liability for Drug Companies & Doctors

A lot of people still don’t realize that Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court have completely shielded drug companies and doctors in America from product liability and malpractice lawsuits when vaccines injure or kill someone.[3] [4] But pharmaceutical corporations and medical trade groups are not satisfied with total liability protection and no accountability. They also want the power to legally force 310 million Americans to buy and use every single vaccine that Big Pharma produces and public health doctors endorse  - no exceptions.

NVIC Attacked for Defending Informed Consent Rights

NVIC and our uncompromising defense of informed consent to medical risk taking, including vaccine risk taking, has stood in their way for 30 years. And that is one reason why we are witnessing vicious assaults on NVIC and courageous Americans in every state, who are trying to protect their right to know and freedom to choose how they and their children will stay well.
At this time last year, NVIC was the subject of a smear campaign led by American Academy of Pediatrics officials,[5] who put pressure on Delta Airlines in a failed attempt to remove an NVIC-sponsored flu prevention video[6] from inflight health programming. 
A month later, another online disinformation campaign about NVIC was launched by forced vaccination proponents to get a 15-second NVIC-sponsored digital ad taken down from Times Square.[7] It failed and our vaccine risk awareness message was broadcast throughout the holiday season and on New Year’s Eve.

Big Pharma & Doctor Groups Lobby to Eliminate Vaccine Exemptions

And this year, drug company and medical trade association lobbyists tried to persuade legislators in Vermont[8] and California[9] to remove philosophical and personal belief exemptionsto vaccination from public health laws. But we fought back in both states, using our free online NVIC Advocacy Portal to empower citizens to quickly organize and electronically stay connected to their legislators and up-to-date on breaking news.
Next year, NVIC will face more censorship and well-orchestrated, well-funded assaults on vaccine exemptions in multiple states. Our parental, civil and human rights in America are in grave jeopardy. All you have to do is read the heartbreaking descriptions posted on the Cry forVaccine Freedom Wall[10] at NVIC.org to understand how bad it is.  

Health Care Workers Being Fired

Children are being denied medical care if parents ask pediatricians questions about vaccines or object to a baby being injected with eight to ten different vaccines on one day. Health care workers are being threatened and fired if they don’t get an annual flu shot. This is what one nurse posted on the Vaccine Freedom Wall:
I have taken the flu shot in the past and had body aches for weeks afterward. I started educating myself on vaccines and haven't taken a flu shot in years. I am a nurse and love my job. I take every precaution in the interest of my patients, utilize hand washing, etc. I found out at a meeting yesterday that our organization's policy has changed and that I will have to take the flu shot or be terminated from employment. I am at a crossroads and am actually thinking about leaving a job that I love because I feel so strongly about my personal freedom.”

No Vaccinations? No Prescription Medications.

Americans needing public assistance are being coerced into getting many vaccines against their will or be cut off from prescription medications. This is what one American suffering financial hardship had to say:
During this past recession, I had to seek medical care from the county public health program. I had high blood pressure, probably due to stress. My last and final visit to that place was to refill the [blood pressure] prescription, which was denied until I allowed myself to be injected with three vaccines: tetanus, flu and pneumococcal. At first I refused but finally consented because I was afraid of what would happen if I suddenly stopped taking the medicine. I was sick for nine days after receiving those shots. Being forced to accept vaccines under duress as an adult is a horrible feeling, a sense of loss of freedom. Using coercion by withholding medication is just plain evil.”
No Vaccinations? No Medicare Benefits.
The elderly are being bullied, too. A couple on Medicare described their frightening experience:
My wife and I are in our mid-sixties and on Medicare. We saw our primary care physician today for a routine "well care" visit and were shocked to hear what our physician for over 26 years had to tell us! The doctor made it clear that he was referring to "new" [federal health care program] mandates that, if we did not voluntarily receive the pneumonia vaccine, we would be terminated from his practice! My wife and I have never felt so violated.”

Doctors Pushing More Vaccines on Vaccine Injured Children

Even parents of vaccine injured children are being pressured to give their children more vaccines because many liability-free doctors now feel comfortable taking a risky, one-size-fits-all approach to vaccination.  Mothers are fighting back and are warning others that doctors are behaving badly and that vaccine exemptions must be protected at all costs. One mother said:
My daughter is a proven vaccine injury of the pertussis vaccine. I urge people to please help to defend the personal belief exemption. My child almost died from vaccines and there are doctors, even most recently a neurologist whom we visited in California, who suggested that we continue the very vaccine that almost took her life. Our daughter suffered an encephalopathy, rare seizures, global developmental delays, speech delays. She is eight years old and crawls. She can't walk or ambulate alone. She has multiple chemical disorder and it causes her to have seizures. She is unable to attend public schools and we no longer have health insurance and no job, due to what this vaccine damage has taken from our family. If you think doctors are going to sign the [personal belief] exemption, you are wrong. They won't.”
This Mom knows first-hand that vaccine risks are greater for some than others and that, at our peril, do we give up our freedom to make personalized vaccine decisions for ourselves and our children.

Help NVIC Help Americans Stand Up & Speak Out

There is no time to waste. Now, more than ever, NVIC needs the financial resources to educate more Americans about vaccination and health and help citizens protect vaccine exemptions in the states.  
During this season of thanksgiving and remembrance, please visit NVIC.org and offer a donation – big or small - to help NVIC continue to defend parental, civil and human rights in America.  What you choose to do today WILL determine what happens to you, your children, your grandchildren and everyone you love tomorrow.
Thank you in advance for whatever gift you can give and best wishes from NVIC for a happy and blessed holiday season.

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6 Responses to "Under Attack, NVIC Helps Americans Stand Up & Speak Out"
Commenter Name
Matthew John Rodriguez
Posted: 11/21/2012 12:09:34 PM
These are specifically the reasons we need to band together and inform parents of the truth.
Commenter Name
Th3 D3ad M3ssenGer
Posted: 11/25/2012 5:29:20 AM
It is nigh time for We the People of ALL colors & creeds to Unite in Love and confront the conspiracy FACTS- not "theories"- behind our plight! After all, how can we escape enslavement if we cannot even PERCEIVE the chains that bind us?... Free Your Minds... GET INFORMED*!*!*! ~InfoWarsDOTcom (check out their world-changing internet TV/radio show & host Alex Jones’ CRUCIALLY informative documentaries) ~NaturalNewsDOTcom (one of the top natural, holistic health sites, they also cover critical sociopolitical issues; to truly reclaim our Minds & Spirits, we must take care of our Bodies by educating ourselves to the ubiquitous poisons in this toxic culture) ~TheIntelHubDOTcom (another vital, reliable & objective source of news) ~MercolaDOTcom (site of Dr. Mercola, it’s THE #1 most visited alternative, holistic health site; he combines the best of allopathy with the best of homeopathy) ~CoastToCoastamDOTcom (check out their paradigm-shifting AM radio show, also on XM & podcast- this is radio for the open-Minded Freethinkers who care about issues systematically suppressed by the Establishment PRESStitute control system) .:. -{With these resources you will be Inspired & Empowered with the Knowledge that can finally set Humanity Free from the insidious influence of this elitist, corporatist bankster cartel that has hijacked our great Nation & many of the world‘s governments! Most importantly… * ! * ! * SPREAD THE WORD * ! * ! * “One person cannot change the world, but one person can spread the message that can change the world.” ~investigative author & speaker David Icke For those that automatically dismiss Icke for the few things you have heard about him, please heed the words of Albert Einstein before you rush to judgment: "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."
Commenter Name
robert tubear wiley
Posted: 11/26/2012 1:09:24 PM
typical comunisim
Commenter Name
Rose Lucht
Posted: 1/1/2013 5:11:08 PM
I love and respect this site. I recommend National vaccine information Center to all my patients so they can arm themselves with truth! Thank you for what you do, I plan on giving what I can!
Commenter Name
Don Sailer
Posted: 2/1/2013 4:10:45 PM
My daughter is seeking an accommodation from the mandatory vaccine policy of the Maricopa County Community College District with regard to the nursing program. Despite the fact that the three state universities permit nursing students to fill out a waiver form from vaccines for religious reasons, MCCCD refuses to do so, even though they now have a declination form for the flu vaccine. We will continue to gather evidence that refutes their claims. I have discovered, for example, that the VA hospital in Maricopa County has declination forms for all of the recommended vaccines. The claim that MCCCD cannot place a student with a religious exemption from vaccines is fallacious and deceptive. Maricopa Nursing knows that it can and I will be presenting this information to the MCCCD board.
Commenter Name
Amy LifeStar
Posted: 4/30/2013 2:29:08 AM
Since many unnatural, unauthentic, and ineffective compounds placed into the human body system do and have shown tremendous toxic and/or adverse effects as being revealed to us so many years ago and that such data are still being revealing to us as of today in 2013 whether these unnatural, unauthentic, and ineffective compounds are compacted into pharmaceutical drugs or the vaccine shots themselves. Now, this comment here is primarily focuses on subject matter of the toxic/adverse effect of vaccine shots done the homeostatic human body systems rather than on the toxic/adverse effects of pharmaceutical drugs. First of all, let me begin by commenting that the “medical doctors and healthcare providers and the congress who are so easily and blindly support and practice the unnatural and hazardous effects of vaccines shots onto their patients and/or the public members: young, old, babies, young adults, adults, elderly, etc. ‘simply do not and have not accurately and thoroughly understood and acknowledged the authentic body mechanisms, body systems (13-15 of body systems), and the body’s homeostasis’ and in turn ‘do not and have not understood the human body reactions to these unnatural, unauthentic, and hazardous effects’ of vaccine shots” which therefore LED the United States of America and other countries to blindly, inappropriately, and recklessly triggered unwanted, unnecessary, and toxic outcomes in patients of vaccine shots, especially the young infants and small children and young adults since the dosages of vaccine shots in these youngsters have caused more harms than good in these young and precious lives; and worst of all, some of them even die innocently and inhumanely from the toxic reactions of unnecessary and unhealthy vaccine shots. As a result, the parents of these innocent children have to sustain a long-journey of grief, agony, and distress due to the loss of their child or by simply watching their child suffer innocently and inhumanely from the toxic effects of vaccine shots! Despite the fact that reliable research time and time again revealed to us that there is a correlation between Vaccine shots and these young human beings’ developmental dysfunctions as being analyzed, coordinated, and concluded by authentic researchers, scientists, and medical doctors: the ones who time and time again “observed the direct and indirect effects of vaccine shots and the toxic reactions in a human body once a person is being vaccinated compared to these patients’ former health state,” yet, our nation still DISREGARD the nature of the consistent reliable data on the Critical Awareness of the overall Toxic, Hazardous, and Unnatural Effects from vaccine shots! So, It Is Time for Us to Take a Stand and Speak Up and SIDE with the National Vaccine Information Center and to EDUCATE our fellow Human Beings about the nature and the toxic reactions of vaccine shots. However, ultimately it is still the patient himself or herself or the parents of a minor to make a voluntary consent decision about having their child or themselves to or NOT TO BE VACCINATED based on the Authentic, Reliable, and Concrete Information that we learned from our Six Senses: Smell, Sight, Taste, Touch, Hearing, and (Thinking and Reasoning: the Six sense)! Written by Amy LifeStar Health Consultant

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