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The Vaccine Revolution for Truth

By Barbara Loe Fisher
Published April 19, 2017 in Science


Revolution for Truth Rally | March 31, 2017 | Washington, D.C.

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We are gathered in our nation’s Capitol representing many thousands of Americans and their families, who cannot be here today because they are sick or caring for someone who is sick. 1 2 3 We are here for families and physicians living in fear they will be discriminated against and punished if they speak honestly in their communities about what they know to be true. 4 5 6 7 8

We have come to defend freedom of thought, speech and conscience, the inalienable natural rights that unite us, regardless of where we live, the color of our skin, the faith that sustains us, or the philosophies that define us.

We are calling on government to do its job and protect the people’s health - instead of protecting profit-making industries doing business with government and manipulating information released by the mainstream media.

We are advocating for the right to know the truth about the safety of the food we eat, 9 the water we drink, 10 the drugs doctors prescribe 11 12 13 and the vaccines Americans are forced to get to attend school, 14 and receive medical care, 15 16 and hold a job. 17 18

And we are here to witness the suffering of our children, who have no voice and have no choice except the one that we, their mothers and fathers, give to them.

We want government officials to explain to us why our country, which spends the most on health care 19 20 and has one of the highest child vaccination rates in the world, 21 is crippled by a chronic disease and disability epidemic that costs more than two trillion dollars a year 22 and has created the sickest child and young adult population in America’s history:

  • 1 child in 6 learning disabled; 23
  • 1 in 9 with asthma; 24
  • 1 in 10 diagnosed with a mental disorder; 25
  • 1 in 13 severely allergic to food; 26
  • 1 in 20 epileptic; 27
  • 1 in 50 developing autism; 28
  • 1 in 400 with diabetes 29

and millions more struggling with other kinds of brain and immune system damage marked by chronic inflammation in the body.

There is no price tag high enough to put on the costs that will bankrupt our nation as these children grow up and many face a lifetime of health care and housing needs. 30

What kind of jobs will they hold? Where are they going to live? What happens when their parents die? 31

We will not be silent as the biological integrity of another generation of children is destroyed in this bitter harvest that can only continue if we allow it to continue.

I say this as a mother who witnessed my healthy, bright two and a half year old child suffer a convulsion, collapse shock and brain inflammation 32 33 within hours of his fourth DPT shot in 1980, that left him with multiple learning disabilities and 12 years confined to a special education classroom in the public school system. My son did not die and he was not severely brain damaged like so many children for whom the risks of vaccination turn out to be 100 percent.

But he was part of the tidal wave of learning disabled children emerging in the 1980’s, growing larger in the 1990’s, and exploding in the first decade of the 21st century 34 35 at precisely the same time that the federal child vaccine schedule tripled from 23 doses of seven vaccines in 1980 36 to 70 doses of 16 vaccines during the next 30 years? 37

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) now directs doctors to give pregnant women vaccines that were never licensed for use during pregnancy.38 Then, on the first day of birth and continuing throughout childhood, doctors are told to give children six dozen doses of vaccines that contain genetically engineered viruses and bacteria, plus ingredients like mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol, gluteraldehyde, proteins, synthetic particles, antibiotics, and human, animal and insect DNA and RNA. 39

Where is the good science that demonstrates children are healthier when repeatedly given vaccines that artificially hyper-stimulate inflammatory immune responses 50 times before age six? 40

Just how sick do highly vaccinated children in America have to get before government health officials re-evaluate the assumption that more and more vaccination equals better health?

Show us the Science and Give Us a Choice.

Where is the credible scientific evidence that it is safe to give children amphetamines and anti-depressants with side effects that include suicidal thoughts and violent behavior, 41 or that children are healthier when they drink water full of fluoride, 42 and have teeth filled with mercury amalgams, 43 and when they eat genetically engineered and processed foods laced with pesticides, chemicals, hormones and antibiotics? 44 And why is government joining with the chemical industry and blocking the labeling of GMO food 45 so that Americans do not have the right to know and freedom to choose what they eat and feed their children?

Why was the 21st Century Cures Act created by Congress 46 and signed into law last year so FDA licensing and informed consent standards could be lowered even further? Now the skids have been greased for the pharmaceutical industry – the biggest lobby on Capitol Hill - to experiment on people without their consent, and to fast track drugs and vaccines to market even more quickly - without proving they are safe and effective first.

And why did Congress create a federal vaccine injury system administrative alternative to a lawsuit in the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 - but take no action when the Departments of Health and Justice systematically gutted that law and turned it into a cruel joke? 47 Today, the majority of vaccine injured children are denied compensation so government officials do not have to admit just how many children are being brain damaged and dying after vaccination in America. 48

In 2011, Congress never said a word when Big Pharma used that law to persuade the U.S. Supreme Court to effectively ban all vaccine injury lawsuits in America by declaring that FDA licensed vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” 49

The $3.6 billion dollars in federal vaccine injury compensation that has been awarded to more than 5,000 vaccine victims since 1988 doesn’t begin to pay for the damage done, not when two out of three claims are denied, 50 and not when drug companies have no incentive to make vaccines less harmful because all Americans are legally required to purchase and use their liability free vaccine products.

Every promise that Congress made to parents in 1986 was a lie. And 30 years is long enough for parents to wait for that failed experiment in tort reform to work.

The liability shield protecting Big Pharma must come down.

No industry should ever be allowed to escape accountability in a civil court of law in front of a jury of our peers when profit-making products injure and kill people.

In 1962, American environmentalist Rachel Carson warned that the alliance between industry and government was poisoning the earth and human health. She said, “If the Bill of Rights contains no guarantee that a citizen shall be secure against lethal poisons distributed either by private individuals or by public officials, it is surely only because our forefathers, despite their considerable wisdom and foresight, could conceive of no such problem.” 51

Twenty years later, parents of vaccine injured children in the Washington, D.C. area founded the educational charity known today as the National Vaccine Information Center, and launched the vaccine safety and informed consent movement in America, 52 while the environmental, 53 safe food 54 and holistic health 55 56 57 movements in the 1980s were also being powered by ordinary people demanding the people’s right to know and freedom to take control of their health.

These grassroots movements have been united by one truth: government has betrayed the public trust by forging business partnerships with the chemical and pharmaceutical industries that put profits, not people, first. 58 59 60 61 62 63 64

And, now in the 21st century when everybody knows somebody who was healthy, got vaccinated and was never healthy again, the public-private partnership between industry and government is moving to strip citizens of the human right to informed consent to medical risk taking. Laws are being passed that eliminate the right for Americans to exercise freedom of thought, conscience and religious belief 65 so they can be blackmailed into using vaccines with unacceptable risks that are also failing to work as advertised. 66 67

Albert Einstein, who risked arrest in Germany in the 1930’s when he spoke out against censorship and persecution of minorities, said, “Never do anything against conscience even if the State demands it.” 68

There is no liberty more fundamentally a natural, inalienable right than the freedom to follow our conscience when choosing what we are willing to risk our life or our child’s life for.

While we are all born equal, with equal rights under the law, we are not born all the same. Each one of us is born with different genes and a unique microbiome influenced by epigenetics that affects how we respond to the environments we live in. 69 70 71 72 We do not all respond the same way to infectious diseases 73 - or to pharmaceutical products like vaccines 74 - and doctors cannot predict which of us will be harmed. 75

This means that vaccine risks are not being borne equally by everyone in society, and forced vaccination is a de facto selection of the vaccine vulnerable for sacrifice.

Why should the lives of those vulnerable to vaccine complications be valued any less than those vulnerable to complications of infections?

And why should people not be free to choose to stay healthy in ways that pose far fewer risks? 76

These are legitimate scientific and ethical questions that should not be ridiculed by government, medical organizations and members of the mainstream media demonizing a growing number of people who are wondering why they either have a child, or know a child, who was born healthy and then suddenly regressed physically, mentally and emotionally and joined the ranks of the walking wounded. The people do not understand why government refuses to fund or conduct methodologically sound scientific studies to find out why the bodies of so many highly vaccinated children and adults are on fire, riddled with chronic inflammation that is common to most brain and immune system dysfunction 77 78 79doctors diagnose as:

It was not always this way in America. I grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s and remember when every child got measles, mumps and chickenpox before age 10, but there were no special education classrooms in public schools to house legions of learning disabled, autistic and emotionally disturbed children. I remember when it was the rare child who could not learn and half of the students were not carrying Epi-pens 101 and asthma inhalers 102 in their pockets, and there was no need to store student supplies of Ritalin and Prozac in the school nurse’s office. 103 I remember when we ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch without being afraid it would kill one of our classmates. 104 105

The biggest public health emergency in America is not a few measles cases at Disneyland in a population of 320 million people, 106 107 108 where less than one percent of children are unvaccinated 109 and 95 percent of them have gotten two measles shots, and five pertussis shots, 110 plus dozens of doses of other vaccines.

The real public health emergency in America is the one that is being covered up by government agencies working overtime with industry and mainstream media to distract, deceive, stonewall and restrict the freedom of Americans to take control of their health. 

The reaction by vaccine developers and others promoting “no exceptions” forced vaccination laws is to label parents disagreeing with them as “selfish” and to suggest they are “child abusers.” Or to insist, like pediatrician Paul Offit, that vaccine injuries and deaths are a myth and that children can safely receive 10,000 vaccines at once. 111 Or, like pediatrician Peter Hotez to call on the U.S. government and the G20 to wage a war on American parents defending exemptions in vaccine laws. 112

Dr. Hotez calls for parents disagreeing with him to be “snuffed out” – which means to "to extinguish, to suppress, to crush; to kill.” 113

So when Congress appropriates $1 trillion dollars a year to the Department of Health, 114 government officials employed by the CDC, NIH and FDA do not use that taxpayer money to fund quality research to identify children at high risk for vaccine injury, or to compare the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children to find out why parents consistently report that unvaccinated children are healthier and get higher grades in school than vaccinated children.

They do not use that money to find out why infectious microbes are evolving into more virulent and vaccine resistant forms, 115 116 117 118 or to find out how many children are developing genetic mutations after vaccination that damages their DNA. 119

Instead, public health officials hide their heads in the sand and collaborate with industry to create hundreds of new experimental vaccines 120 that will be fast tracked to licensure 121 and forced on you and everyone you know – no exceptions and no questions asked. They create government operated electronic medical records tracking systems; 122 they pit citizen against citizen by publicly posting the vaccination rates of schools on the CDC’s website; 123 and they go into churches and legislatures to lobby for all Americans to adhere to cradle to the grave vaccine schedules. 124 125 126 127 128

Today, if you live in California 129 or another state that has eliminated conscientious and religious belief vaccine exemptions and you refuse a government endorsed vaccine, you cannot get a school education, medical care or be employed as a child or health care worker unless you can find a doctor to write a medical exemption that 99.99 percent of Americans do not qualify for under CDC guidelines. 130131132

And tomorrow? Well, if Americans do not get up off their knees and stop worshipping doctors promoting junk science, tomorrow you will not be able to get on a bus, train or plane; enter a store or sports arena; obtain a driver’s license, file your taxes or function in society unless you can prove you have gotten every vaccine that industry creates and doctors implementing government policy order you to get. 

And if you or your child get vaccinated, suffer brain inflammation and never recover your health, you can be sure that it will either be dismissed as “just a coincidence,” or you will be labeled genetically defective with the claim you would have become brain damaged even if no vaccines had been given.133 It is already being done and it is so easy to do, when nobody making, selling, licensing, giving and voting to mandate vaccines has any accountability in a civil court of law.

And the ones who know deep in the core of their being that their children are in danger, are the mothers, who carry their babies inside them for nine months and give birth and are endowed with a primal instinct that God gave women so they have the courage to protect their babies from harm until they are able to survive on their own. That biological imperative is hard wired into our DNA because it is what protects the survival of every species on this earth. 134 135136 137And yet, mothers, who know their children best, are being bullied, ridiculed and punished if they use their intellect and listen their gut instincts and refuse to violate their conscience when caring for their children. 138

It is time to reject the cruel pseudo-ethic of utilitarianism propping up mandatory vaccination laws that justify child sacrifice by reducing what is moral to a mathematical equation. 139

When the State considers one of us to be expendable, then we are all considered expendable.

And if the State can tag, track down and force individuals to be injected with biologicals of known and unknown toxicity today, then there will be no limit on which individual freedoms the state can take away in the name of the greater good tomorrow

We can only throw off the chemical chains making us sick if we act to instill truth, integrity and compassion in government and defend freedom of thought, speech, conscience and informed consent to medical risk taking.

There is no greater calling for Americans in the 21st century than to defend those cultural values and human rights that protect against tyranny.

We will not be silent. We will not go away.

We are the daughters and sons of liberty, and our mission continues:

No forced vaccination. Not in America.


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1 Responses to "The Vaccine Revolution for Truth"
Commenter Name
Paul Blake, N.D.
Posted: 5/3/2017 8:03:06 AM
How Could They Be So Heartless, Because To Them We Are Nothing But Livestock! AUTISTIC, AND AUTOIMMUNE STRICKEN CHILDREN ARE WORTH TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN LIFELONG TREATMENTS, THAT PARENTS WILL PAY! Pharmaceutical companies invest a tremendous amount of money in animal and human testing long before anything goes to the FDA. So we know without any doubt that they are totally aware of every reaction, all the way down to the slightest reaction at the vaccination site. Then why would they go ahead and push these Autoimmune causing, aluminum containing vaccines, like Gardasil and Hepatitis B on us? ---As Simple As One + One = Two...A Business Decision folks, they profit at both ends of those vaccinations see the business references below for the truth! ---One, they profit off of the Gardasil, and Hepatitis B vaccines. ---Two, and they profit off of the huge well established Autoimmune and Autism disease business. ---The Autoimmune victims today equal about 50 million Americans. ---How much money can you make off of 50 million patients needing your medications and treatments every day for the rest of their lives? ---They are not Stupid, just Greedy and Deadly that is why there is such a huge push to government mandate vaccinations, we are a business product to be used and thrown away! Reference: ---Global Therapeutic Vaccines Market will reach USD 47.44 Billion by 2022.. https://globenewswire.com/.../Global-Therapeutic-Vaccines-Market-will-reach-USD-4 ---Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Autism Spectrum Disorders Global Market ...https://www.bccresearch.com/market.../diagnosis-therapies-autism-spectrum-disorders...The global autism spectrum disorders (ASD) market was valued at $346.2 million in 2013 and $360.9 million in 2014. This market is expected to grow to $412.7 ---Autoimmune Disease Diagnostics Market - Global Market Insights Inc.https://www.gminsights.com › Healthcare & Medical Devices...U.S.A autoimmune disease diagnostics market share was USD 5.3 billion valued North America region in 2015, driven by growing prevalence of autoimmune disorders...Europe autoimmune disease diagnostics market size, pegged at USD 4.3 billion, held the second regional position in the market. Autoimmune Disease Diagnostics Market the industry expects moderate gains of just over 2.5% up to 2023.

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